PUA.AndroidOS.Jiagu (Removal Guide)

PUA.AndroidOS.Jiagu is a malicious threat that may cause damage to the android system. It can perform many actions on the device such as steal data and track your sessions.

It is a heuristic name given by an antivirus application that identified the infection after scanning it. If you have scanned the file with a computer, you do not have to worry since .apk files cannot run in a Windows/Mac system.

An android virus typically spread in the same way that most viruses do. PUA.AndroidOS.Jiagu can infiltrate an android system in a number of methods, but the following are the most typical ones:

Spam email attachments: It is the most common and widely used strategy. It deceives the intended recipient into downloading malicious software that is attached to the attackers' email. The files are either bundled together or disguised as documents, movies, and voicemails in the attachments.

Drive-by Download: It occurs when a person visits an infected website that has been injected with a malicious script that causes a random piece of software to be downloaded. Hackers can then use these flaws to obtain unauthorized access to targets' systems once they've been clicked.

Torrent files:  It is used by millions of pirates all over the world to obtain pirated movies and records, as well as cracked versions of premium software. In order not to get infected by torrents, files should be scanned for malware after download.

PUA.AndroidOS.Jiagu Threat Removal Procedure

The procedure below will assist you in removing PUA.AndroidOS.Jiagu as well as any computer dangers lurking in the system.

Step 1: Remove Malicious Application from Device

PUA.AndroidOS.Jiagu is a threat that will most likely take the form of an android app. Find cracked or suspicious applications that you did not download.

1 Go to the Settings application and head over to the application menu. It is the menu wherein installed applications are seen. Since many android devices are different, there are also different locations for this menu. 2 Scroll down the installed applications and find suspicious ones that you might not recognize or installed. 3 Once you find the suspicious application, click it and uninstall. For this guide, we are using Smart Cleaner Ultra as an example.

Step 2: Scan with Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Malwarebytes is a renowned anti malware tool and it has one of the best threat detection rate. Utilizing this anti malware program will make removing the PUA.AndroidOS.Jiagu malware easy.

In fact, every device should be scanned every once in a while. With this tool, not only PUA.AndroidOS.Jiagu but also other threats that are lurking on the device can also be eliminated.

1 First, go to the Google Play store and install Malwarebytes Anti Malware. Remove PUA.AndroidOS.Jiagu with Malwarebytes 2 Once installed, it will ask you for permission to access files. Allow it access to manage the files on the device, it is needed in order to detect malicious threats

3 Click Run a full scan to detect potential threats on the whole device. Since this may take a while, you can simply close the application and let it run on the background. You can see the progress of the scan through the notifications.

4 After the scan is complete, the detected threats will be shown on the screen and all that is left to do is to eliminate them. Click the Remove Selected to get rid of the threats.

We advise you to run a routinely scan of the device to ensure that it is continuously malware free. We also recommend to use Malwarebytes Real Time Protection, which will secure your machine and detect any threats as soon as they appear.