FIX: Chrome keeps switching to Secure search

Important details about Secure search

Secure search is an unwanted extension for Google Chrome and other web browsers. It has the ability to adjust your browser’s settings, including your default search engine, new tab, and homepage choices.

This browser infection was produced by cybercriminals in order to profit by displaying annoying advertising, redirections, and unwanted software to users who have downloaded the adware program.

Furthermore, because it may change browser settings and track a user’s web travels without their knowledge, it can be a security risk for the machine.

If Secure search displays on the internet browser program when it is launched, it is a clear indication that your system is infected with this type of malware. Because adware programs have a high likelihood of altering browser settings and installing an alternative search engine in the user’s browser.

Chrome keeps switching to Secure search
Chrome keeps switching to Secure search

Viruses of all kinds often spread in a specific manner. In the same way Secure search infiltrated the computer system. This malware can get access to a computer system by a variety of means, the most prevalent of which are as follows:

Spam Email Attachments: It is the most common and widely used strategy. It deceives the intended recipient into downloading malicious software that is attached to the attackers’ email. The files are either bundled together or disguised as documents, movies, and voicemails in the attachments.

Drive-by Download: It occurs when a person visits an infected website that has been injected with a malicious script that causes a random piece of software to be downloaded. Hackers can then use these flaws to obtain unauthorized access to targets’ systems once they’ve been opened. It is commonly associated with the installation of adware or potentially unwanted programs.

Torrent files: It is used by millions of pirates all over the world to obtain pirated movies and records, as well as cracked versions of premium software. Since then, cyber thieves have used the torrent community to propagate their dangerous software.