Download Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is a strong and effective anti-malware program that can assist you in safeguarding your computer against harmful Trojan horses, spyware, and other sorts of malware.

Even the most sophisticated threats can be found and eliminated by Malwarebytes’ algorithms before they can cause any harm. Real-time protection capabilities are also included so you can detect problems immediately.

Malwarebytes will make it easy for you to delete any dangerous files you find on your computer. Additionally, it features a built-in booster that facilitates accelerated scanning for new threats.

The user-friendly interface that comes with Malwarebytes enables you to control all facets of your security application, including updates, scans, and settings.

Why Malwarebytes?

Advance Anti-Malware: Considered to be among the greatest malware removal tools, it is capable of finding and eliminating both known and unknown Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, and other types of malware that may be hiding on a user’s computer.

Strong AI learning capabilities: These advanced features are included in Malwarebytes, which continuously scans your system for ever-evolving threats using artificial intelligence.

User-friendly Interface: Malwarebytes provides you the freedom to tailor your security to your needs without the need for a master’s in computer science.

Powerful Ransomware Protection: Our innovative ransomware attack technology can shield you from insecure and unpatched software while safeguarding your PC, files, and images. Say goodbye to getting your files locked.

Brute force defense: It prevents hackers from trying to figure out your login information. Additionally, malware cannot disable your security software thanks to the software’s protection.

Less CPU Usage: Malwarebytes detection scans require just 50% less CPU resources than comparable antivirus solutions. While playing games or watching movies with Play Mode enabled, you can disable updates and notifications while still keeping your device secure.

Buy Malwarebytes Premium to get all these features, plus more. Protect your system with the best one in the market.

Get Malwarebytes Premium

Not sure if you want to get the premium? Please continue to the instructions below for installing the free version of the software and a procedure for removing malware.

The premium version also has an update system that enables you to stay current on the most recent malware signatures and defenses without worrying about installing substantial updates all at once.

Additionally, it contains a firewall feature that guards against harmful URLs and downloads to keep your computer safe from unwanted access. Last but not least, Malwarebytes has an Anti-Theft module that safeguards your data when the computer is not in use.

How to Download Malwarebytes (Windows)

Visit the official anti-malware website using your web browser or click the button below to download the setup file.

Click to Download

Click on the installation package and execute the program to begin installing the application after the file has finished downloading. Once the setup file has opened, follow the installation procedure shown on the screen and wait for it to finish. If you are asked whether you want to use it for personal or organizational purposes, select personal unless you are downloading it for your organization.

After following the software setup instructions, wait for the application to finish installing. After the process is complete, you may now run a full scan on your device.

How to Download Malwarebytes (Mac)

To download the setup file, use your web browser to go to the official anti-malware website or click the icon below.

Click to Download

After the file has finished downloading, click on the installation package and run the file to start installing the application. Once the file has opened, follow the installation procedure shown on the setup and wait for it to finish.

Your password may be required to continue installer from installing the new software. Permit it and click Install Software.


Wait for Malwarebytes Anti-malware to finish installing on the Mac system.

Once the process is complete, the application will open. Click on the Get Started button and follow the procedure to start using Malwarebytes.

When prompted to choose between personal and organizational use, click the personal option unless you are downloading it within your company.

Now that the installation is finished, you may now proceed and scan a full scan on your Mac device for malware.